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Connected Diaspora
Central American Visuality in the Age of Social Media

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Connected Diaspora: Central American Visuality in the Age of Social Media casts light on a new generation of artists who visually reflect on U.S Central American lives and experiences in the era of social media. These new voices from the Central American diaspora have built a creative community that transcends state lines and borders.

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Featured in

La Horchata Zine

Issue 6 & 8

La Horchata Zine is a seasonal publication featuring artists of Central American ancestry. 

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Okra and Corn

Black and Brown unity

Mutual Aid

"A part of my mission is to give back to my community who have been left behind and discriminated against by our government.  I've dedicated a portion of art proceeds to help our most vulnerable community members through various fundraisers including raising ICE detention bail funds in partnership with Sanctuary Streets at Artscape, Scholarship funds for DACA recipients at a Baltimore City College, with the Latino Racial Justice Circle in donating 20% of sales to their COVID Humanitarian Funds which have helped families meet rent and other needs during this pandemic, and most recently in raising funds towards Nicaraguan hurricane relief efforts".


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