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Baltimore, MD

Druid Hill Park


Gate Entrance



20” x 16", Acrylic on canvas

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 Historic Druid Hill Park is one of the three oldest parks in the nation. The Arch, erected on Madison Avenue in 1868, served as the main entrance to the park. That is until Druid Hill Expressway (Druid Lake Park Drive) was built in the 1940’s despite opposition to it’s construction by the predominantly Black and Jewish surrounding communities. The result separated and made access difficult to the park from its surrounding neighborhoods. The painting of the arches by artist Jessy DeSantis inspired her and resident Courtney Bettle to seek to light the arches and bring awareness to Reservoir Hill and our park. Public artist Graham Coreil-Allen joined the team and the arches and conservatory were successfully illuminated in conjunction with a neighborhood parade and block party as part of Light City’s Neighborhood Lights.




36” x 24", Mixed media, acrylic on canvas

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This work was the third of a three-part, Miami-inspired series and is a mixed-media acrylic with newspaper (the Miami Herald, to be precise - look out for Lebron James in one of the paper clippings since it was a championship year!) on stretched canvas. Painted while the artists was living a block from Miami's famous "Calle Ocho", it depicts a typical scene of Cuban espresso poured in little plastic demitasse cups accompanied by saltine crackers.

Freedom Tower



12” x 24", Acrylic on canvas

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This painting was second of a three-part, Miami-inspired series. The Freedom Tower was built in 1925 as the home of the News Miami paper but is famous for its use to process Cuban refugees in the 1960's. It is now used as an art museum and history museum in the heart of downtown Miami.