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YO (West Baltimore City)

Micknai Arefaine

Digital Photographic Print

YO (West Baltimore City)

These photos represent the many ways in which I commune with the landscapes around me. I don't have a car and walk most places. Sometimes I wander for hours and stumble into sublime moments like dancing with towering mullien or noticing how the trees in my neighborhood frame words on doors on an abandoned stretch of rowhomes in West Baltimore. Other times I am invited to witness and participate in sacred rituals like meditation and silence with a dear friend at sunrise on the water in South Baltimore. The land holds, humbles, and heals me in ways that people simply cannot. This understanding is a gift and allows me to always find my way back from even the darkest of places. I take photos to remember these moments and share the wisdom of place with others. To remind us that the land heals what we have hurt. Surrender to it.

If you are interested in purchasing this piece, please contact Tori Munoz

Learn more about the artist:
IG: @micknai

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